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Nu-Tech Air Conditioning is currently involved in green building and 5 star rated buildings, we are committed to the reduction of greenhouse gases and energy usage within commercial buildings and industry as well as within our office environment, implementing internal recycling programs. Nu-Tech stays up to date with new products and services in the HVAC industry to ensure a sustainable environment.

At Nu-Tech, we have a systematic approach to sustainability. Through our tailored maintenance agreements, Nu-Tech is able to identify key areas where our clients can reduce their energy consumption which in turn will reduce their cost and more importantly reduces their carbon footprint.

By establishing targets for sustainability it becomes possible to set goals, apply management strategies, and measure progress. Nu-Tech has management systems in place which shows our commitment to the environment to achieve continuous improvement and better living conditions for our future generations.
Nu-Tech Air : Protecting Our Environment

At Nu-Tech, our management structure and systems that are in place are designed to promote these key areas:


Nu-Tech Air Conditioning committed to ensuring a sustainable environment.


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